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6 years 26 weeks ago

Look outside London for your Summer conference, event or meeting and you'll find Think Venue will provide you with a great range of venues that will save you money and give a boost to your CSR objectives too!

6 years 30 weeks ago

The group are coming to Birmingham to visit over 1000 conference venues to list sucessful venues on their website which acts as reference tool for disabled people to be able to find and plan relevant events that meet all of their access requirements.

6 years 43 weeks ago

Calling all not for profit caterers! Share in the success of Think Venue as Think Venue Think Third Sector Co-op launch Think Catering!

6 years 49 weeks ago

BVSC Enterprises which operates as a Social Enterprise owned by BVSC the Charity, is reviewing its current conference catering operation and is putting the work out to tender.

7 years 13 weeks ago

Do you have ambitious plans for your social enterprise?
Up to £1000 in grant funding is available to help you pay for the training you need for your social enterprise to grow.

7 years 21 weeks ago

Many politicians, private sector businesses, statutory organisations and local authorities talk about the need for The Big Society and Corporate Social Responsibility, but they struggle to give a leading example for businesses to follow. Birmingham City Council pioneering work with Think Venue is an example for all to follow.

7 years 26 weeks ago

The ideal presentation is one that is remembered for all the right reasons. Everyone can remember a time when we have sat through a presentation that seemed to last forever – those presentations where you can feel yourself falling to sleep and just can’t wait for it to finish. There are those all-too-common horror stories ranging from the speaker forgetting their lines or even not being able to load the presentation in the first place. We will help you avoid all of these and more!

7 years 28 weeks ago

Everyone is talking about The Big Society, but our members deliver The Big Society everyday!

7 years 28 weeks ago

Finding the right conference venue can be difficult, especially when you are looking for one with a social, environmental, charitable or community benefit. At Think Venue we have made it simple for you, as the customer, to connect to a venue that meets your values and ethics.

7 years 31 weeks ago

Don't you wish you could create a real buzz about your event or meeting? Using Twitter you can do and we will show you how.